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meet beau

10 Interesting Things about Beau

  • He is obsessed with Porsche, particularly 911s. He always owns a couple of the brand at one time
  • He likes to dance to old school hip hop, funk, or anything with a good beat
  • He grew up in Welaka, FL, a population today of only 693 people (even less back in the 80s and 90s)
  • His mother was Hispanic from Honduras, where Beau lived as a young child for a couple years in the 1970s
  • Beau was given the title “Class Whit” his senior year of high school. No surprise there
  • Beau’s obsession in high school and college was basketball, having competed in numerous tournaments and dunk contests with friends and teammates. He even had a license plate made called “Dunkaholic.”
  • Beau proposed to his wife by hanging a note from their dog’s neck, sending the dog in solo to her work place to find her via smell, and then waited outside her office on one knee to propose (all on film by the way)
  • Beau has a terrible fear of flying and has to be heavily medicated for any flight. His wife has to escort him and he loses a day there and a day back from the effects of the medication
  • His favorite food on earth is his grandmother’s “Friendship Cake,” which takes a month to make and is composed of lots of fermented fruit.
  • Year around he wears two pair of socks to sleep at night because his wife freezes him have to death when they go to sleep.

Beau's Favorite Things

  • Food:
    Friendship cake, pizza
  • Alcoholic Drink:
  • Movie:
  • TV :
    Game of Thrones
  • Book:
    Deep Work
  • Song:
    Warning, by the Notorious B.I.G.
  • Musician:
    Michael Jackson
  • Sport:
    Currently pickleball & swimming
  • Color:
  • Tattoos:
  • Season:
    Summer (I love the heat)
  • Happy Place:

    Driving my cars

  • Actor:
    Tom Hanks
  • Sports Team:
    Florida Gators
  • Vacation Spot:
    Our St. Augustine beach house
  • Dog or Cat:
    Dog for sure
  • Social Media:
    YouTube, LinkedIn
  • Hobby:

    Attending car shows, tracking my cars

  • Best Gift:
    gift cards to or
  • Professional Mentor:
    Blaine Strickland
  • Personal Mentor:
    Todd Rainsberger (Father-in-law)


I have been in the commercial real estate business in Florida since 1999 after I decided in my early 20s that having a successful career as a personal trainer was less likely to help me achieve my life goals. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a Master's in Real Estate from the University of Florida. I earned the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation in just a few short years working in commercial real estate.

I started in good ole fashion on-site property management with Trammel Crow Residential Services and thoroughly enjoyed that industry for several years. From 2002 to 2011 I brokered, managed, and did commercial real estate acquisitions for a very successful private investment firm in the southeast. From 2011 thru 2020, I teamed up with Todd Rainsberger, a successful commercial Realtor (and also my father-in-law). Some might think that partnership would be difficult, but we actually really complemented each other. Together we acquired an interest in Coldwell Banker Commercial M.M. Parrish. The firm is a local business icon with over 114 years of continuous operation. There I specialized in the brokering of multifamily assets. People will always need a place to live, buying a home is becoming more and more unaffordable, and there are always investors wanting an income stream. While at Coldwell Banker Commercial I was consistently ranked as the #1 multifamily producer in Florida for the brand and among the Top 5 in the nation every year before leaving to start my own private multifamily brokerage firm in 2021. I regularly do speaking engagements at industry conferences and to private companies. I have an ever-growing YouTube channel (called Beau Knows Multifamily) where I guide viewers on how to buy more multifamily assets, how to sell them, and how to conduct market analysis. I enjoy filming my tours of new listings and am told they are very entertaining and worthy of subscribing. I also wrote a book called “Multifamily Investors Who Dominate," which I hope will lead all who read it to more success. Who needs sleep when the world needs this information?

My true passion is being a father to my two boys, Carson and Gresham. Our time going to the beach, playing pickle ball, ping pong, putt putt golf, swimming, lounging in the hot tub, playing in the back yard, boogie-boarding in the surf, and fishing are priceless. I have been married to my wife Melissa since 2002. Together we have been exercisers, which gives us quality time together. I have an obsessive love for the Porsche 911. Driving “Heidi”, my 911 Turbo S, is my escape and meditation. I love to make others smile and laugh, often at my own expense. My father-in-law jokes that I lack the embarrassment gene. My personal motto is, I live to create unforgettable memories with my wife and kids and bring fun and laughter to others.

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