244 E. Graves Ave, Orange City, FL

15 Units

244 E. Graves Ave, Orange City, FL


The sellers were ready to move on from owning and personally managing their mixed-use asset for over 40 years. And given the age of the asset (1921), the property required capital expenditures to the roof, stucco, electrical, laundry area, and most of the interior units. The owners had it listed for several months with no success. In addition, three of the four retail units and two of the eleven residential units were vacant.

Action Taken:

The sellers knew they needed to take a different approach so they reached out to Beau Beery of the Beery Rainsberger Group. From previous interactions, the sellers knew Beau used a sophisticated customer relationship model (CRM) that could find them a buyer with a local interest. Beau was able to zero in on just the right buyer and it ended up being the only phone call he needed to make.


The buyer and seller went under contract very quickly and there were no major setbacks during the entire due diligence period. The buyer Beau called upon was experienced in acquiring out of the box unique assets and was able to quickly secure the financing needed to close the asset by selling a post rehab plan to the lender that was reasonable and achievable. Closing occurred in less than 60 days.


Beau, thank you for finding the buyer. I am very pleased the way everything turned out. Now on to my new journey! I am texting you someone who needs your help. I spoke with her a couple days ago and I could not stop giving you great accolades for helping me. She has been hitting a lot of dead end roads with many Realtors. I told her you have integrity. You supersede all the Realtors she has tried to make this a go with. I mentioned your Platinum Award. I was telling her I have 100% confidence in you. She was very impressed with that statement. Our mutual friend told her you are the best! He has spoken volumes about you to her. Fortunate indeed I am to know you Beau. Thank you again!

--Jill Pain