1100 Block W Univ Ave, Gainesville, FL

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1100 Block W Univ Ave, Gainesville, FL


An out of town developer was looking for land to develop luxury multifamily apartments, however, the land had to be walking distance to the University of Florida campus.

Action Taken:

The buyers knew Beau Beery was the local multifamily expert so their first call was to the Beery Rainsberger Group (BRG). The BRG team partnered with Greg Johnson, also of Coldwell Banker Commercial, and put together an assemblage of 3 parcels totaling ½ acre, which allows the developer to build a mixed-use property that fits their development strategy.


In an effort to deliver more, BRG reached out to the owner of the adjacent parcel whom they had sold a ½ acre to for redevelopment the year prior, and asked if he’d be willing to sell to this same buyer. After all was said and done, BRG coordinated the sale of 5 parcels, totaling over 1 acre that is less than 800 feet from the UF campus. It will include 9,000 SF of retail and 106 residential units as well as a 4-story parking garage.


I have been in the real estate business a very long time. The BRG team is truly one of the most capable agents I have been fortunate enough to have represent my interests. I worked with them a year ago to secure a premier site for a student housing development, and before I could break ground, the team brought me an offer that allowed me to sell that property and afford me the opportunity to buy an even better location for my project. They are always one step ahead! They are smart, honest and reliable. I could not be more pleased.

--Lee Caswell