8 Reasons to Invest in Multifamily

Citing a 2016 study done by the NAA, Beau shares the top reasons he feels multifamily real estate will be the investment of the future.

Calculating the Right Offer

Learn the calculations that will help any investor determine the right purchase price based on a required rate of return.

Cap Rates Are Worthless

Cap rates are extremely limited in determining the long-term value of an asset because they ignore a number of factors.

Conflict of Interest?

Don't compromise your objectives of bringing your sellers the best price and terms for their assets.

Crash & Burn

Working harder and longer hours doesn't buy you more units.

Dangers of Lowballing Offers

Submit real estate offers that have a far better probability of getting accepted, both now and in the future.

Extend Your Career

Those who try to wholesale larger multifamily complexes may have a short investment career.

How Offers Are Chosen

Understanding how offers are presented to sellers will help you prepare better offers.

Live For Free

A tremendous way to grow personal wealth for any beginner real estate investor.

The Sniper Approach

Elite Investors use the sniper approach to target the exact assets they want at the exact time they are available.

The Value of Commission

The investor who consistently negotiates an agent's fee sees considerably fewer deals in his pipeline.

Win More Deals

Writing the perfect letter of intent, that always gets chosen, is an art.