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Time Management Hacks

Time Management Hacks

I was asked recently to walk through my day on how I save time and become more efficient in my own business. How you manage your own time greatly impacts your success. I think part of being efficient is having a very strict daily schedule and everything you do. I’m very monotonous in everything I do. I wake up at 4:50 every single morning and I knock out the gym part of my day. And why do I mention the gym and not business? Well, I think having good health is a really big key component and I’ve tried to do it at different parts of the day: during lunch, in the evenings. It just doesn't work for me. I do best when I knock it out first thing in the morning or else it won’t get done. Then I come home, have breakfast, get a shower, and I’m in my office ready to make my first calls by 8 30 a.m. And what I do is from 8 30 to 10 30 every single day Monday through Friday, I do what I call my deep work. Deep work is a book where the whole idea is that you're carving out a small window of time in your day where you're doing the highest quality thing you can do in your business. For me, it's being on the phone or being in contact with my top, top, customers. Seventy-nine of my transactions are done with the same people over and over again. And that's typical for any broker. It's the 80-20 rule. That two-hour window I’m in this office, my doors are closed, even my family my dog knows you don't come in this room during that time. And I’m not looking at social media. I’m not answering a bunch of emails. I’m not answering calls unless it's like a deal falling apart and there's an exclamation mark. Whatever that one task is in your business, that only YOU can do, if you can block this time out with no distractions, it will be incredibly beneficial. Next, I usually have lunch. I try to have lunch with someone and/or my family and then from basically 1 to 4 I’m returning all the calls and emails that I didn't do in the morning because those pile up pretty quickly. My whole goal is always to be done by 6 p.m.  Many, many years ago I had to create this kind of system for myself so I wasn't working 24/7.  I don't work on weekends unless it's fun like YouTube or a market report I enjoy doing those things, but I tell you all that because having a strict schedule that you actually listen to forces you to be efficient in everything. Including hiring an assistant who sometimes even does personal things; takes care of everything that I shouldn't be doing. I have a driver that drives me everywhere if it's more than 45 minutes away. I have a whole desk system set up so I can make calls and emails and all those things while we’re driving. I also farm out lots of stuff. I only have one staff member, and everything else is farmed out. So, for instance, if I’m busy and I get three listings in one week I can only underwrite so many deals before too much time is passed and the seller's wondering where the hell it is. So, I’ll hire an outside analytics company to underwrite a couple of deals for me. I outsource some of my computer work, someone else sometimes who catches up on my social media stuff. It's really important to recognize what kinds of things I can put into others' hands. It takes some trust, but we're all doing this to have a life. Unless you put strict parameters that force you to become efficient, then you're going to be a slave to this business. And it doesn't matter how rich you are at that point; you won’t have anyone to share it with.

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